Special Operations Squad


The Special Operations Squad is a 28 member team dedicated to resolving high risk incidents that are beyond the operational capabilities of the average Patrol response. The team trains monthly in a variety of different areas such as Hostage rescue, Less-Lethal Weapons deployment, Dynamic Entry for Armed/Suicidal Barricaded Subjects, High-Risk Search Warrants, and other life threatening scenarios. All members of SOS are required to maintain a higher standard of firearms proficiency than other members of the department. While the minimum passing score for the department as a whole is 70%, SOS Team members are required to qualify with a 90% qualification score. In addition to qualifying bi-annually with their handguns, all SOS members are required to qualify with a 90% score on any issued long guns such as the .223 M-4 rifle, the MP-5 9mm submachine gun and the .12 gauge shotgun. Also, all SOS Team members are required to qualify with the 37mm less-lethal Multi-launcher. This weapons system is capable of delivering gas or soft foam projectiles in non-deadly force situations.

In addition to the 25 Joliet members assigned to the Squad, a representative of the Lockport P.D., Crest Hill P.D., and Plainfield P.D. are each assigned to the team in order to facilitate the need for a mutual aid SOS response in the respective municipalities.