Joliet Police Conduct Roadside Safety Checkpoints and Seatbelt Safety Zones During the Thanksgiving Holiday November 17-27, 2017

The Joliet Police Department, in partnership with the Illinois Department of Transportation, will participate in a statewide effort to increase seatbelt usage and crack down on drunk driving. Special enforcement efforts will include several seatbelt safety zones at various locations throughout the city, a roadside safety checkpoint, and citywide saturation enforcement.

The Thanksgiving holiday is one of the busiest travel times of the year, and more vehicles on the roadways means potential for more crashes and more fatalities.

Joliet Police Chief Brian Benton reminds drivers not to drink and drive. “So many tragedies could be avoided by simply wearing seatbelts, having a designated driver, or just calling for a ride.”

Officers assigned to these details will be checking for occupant and child restraint violations, DUI violations, as well as other violations of the Illinois Vehicle Code.

This enforcement campaign is possible through a grant from the Illinois Department of Transportation and will help to deter drunk driving and increase the usage of seatbelt and child restraints during and after the Thanksgiving holiday.

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