Boundaries: Ruby (north); Jefferson (south); Des Plaines River (east); Center (west)

North Broadway

Boundaries: Theodore (north); Ruby (south); Des Plaines River (east); Center (west)


Boundaries: Plainfield/Black (north); Jefferson (south); Plainfield/Center (east); Reed (west)

Forest Park

Boundaries: Rosalind (north); Williamson/Fairchild (south); Gage (east); Fairview (west)


Boundaries: Marion (north); Interstate 80 (south); Chicago (east); Des Plaines River (west)

St. Patrick

Boundaries: Jefferson (north); Interstate 80 (south); Des Plaines River (east); Raynor (west)


Boundaries: Washington (north); Fourth (south); Iowa (east); Richards (west)

North Central

Boundaries: Any address west of the Des Plaines River to Larkin Avenue and north of Ruby/Black to the city limits (not already in a NOPT area).

West Business District

Boundaries: Businesses along Essington Road from Black Road to the Louis Joliet Mall, and also including the businesses on Route 30 adjacent to the mall.