The Joliet Police Department reminds citizens to take extra precautions to reduce opportunistic vehicle burglaries. You can do your part by following these tips:

  • Remove valuables such as electronics, credit/debit cards, wallets, GPS units, and cellular phones. There has been a sharp increase in credit/debit card theft during vehicle burglaries.
  • If you cannot remove valuable items, keep them out of plain view. Use parts of the vehicle not as commonly burglarized such as the trunk or similar compartments less likely to be found. Do not hide items in the glovebox or center console.
  • Make it a habit to lock your doors each time you leave your vehicle, including while you are at home. Most vehicle burglaries happen in residential areas.
  • Close your windows or convertible roofs.


The percentage of total crimes reported in Joliet that were property crimes such as burglaries, robberies, and thefts.


The percentage of those property crimes that involved vehicles.


The percentage of vehicles involved in these crimes that were not locked.


The number of reported property crimes involving vehicles in 2014.


The number of reported property crimes involving vehicles where a credit or debit card was stolen.


The number of seconds it takes to lock your vehicle.

Statistics gathered from the Joliet Police Department for 2014 and 2015 (January 1, 2014 through March 24, 2015).