Overall Map

Our policing areas are divided into districts and sectors. In 2016, our sectors were redrawn to align with the population change and volume of calls for service.

East District

The East District includes all areas east and south of the Des Plaines River.

Sector 11

Sector 11 includes neighborhoods such as Forest Park and the new Liberty Meadow Estates.

Sector 12

Sector 12 includes the Benton and Garnsey neighborhood and a section of the Collins Street corridor.

Sector 13

Sector 13 includes Ridgewood, Pilcher Park, Neufairfield, Thunder Ridge, Springview West, Edgecreek Estates, Chestnut Pointe, and Bee Dee Highlands. Many New Lenox mailing addresses are included in the far east portion of this sector.

Sector 14

Sector 14 includes the downtown area of Joliet known as City Center.

Sector 15

Sector 15 includes neighborhoods generally between Cass Street to 4th Avenue and Chicago Street to Briggs Street.

Sector 16

Sector 16 includes areas south and east of City Center and includes many new developments such as the CenterPoint intermodal, Chicagoland Speedway, the Autobahn, and the Cedar Creek subdivisions.

Central District

The Central District is bordered by the Des Plaines River on the east, Theodore Street on the north, Joyce Road/Kungs Way/Cypress Ln/Brentwood Place on the west, and Interstate 80 to the south.

Sector 20

Sector 21

Sector 22

Sector 23

Sector 24

Sector 25

West District

Sector 30

Sector 31

Sector 32

Sector 33

Sector 34

Sector 35